Nuke Your Facebook Activity

The Problem.

This is Scumbag Steve.

Unbeknown to me,  he is going to send me a friend request on Facebook soon.

The Solution.

I’m going to prevent Steve from discovering my profile while he’s browsing Facebook by nuking my Facebook activities that aren’t scoped to my timeline. In other words, I’ll nuke the reactions to – and comments I’ve posted – on other people’s content.

Here’s what we’ll need:

If you’re technical enough to get underway with just the code, you can visit my GitHub repository here to get your nuke on.

Visit Facebook, Run the UserScript.

We’re going to run the userscript using the Chrome Console on two pages. First, head to your likes activity page.

The Chrome Console can be opened with CTRL + SHIFT + I. Open it, and paste the userscript there. It should look like this:

Press ENTER then sit back and watch the nuking commence. Once the script has nuked your past likes, click the “Comments” tab I’ve circled in red above, and run the script once more to nuke your comments.