Electron From Scratch

Let’s get underway developing a cross-platform, desktop application using Electron. Electron is a Node.js module. Node.js programs are executed by Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine (Hence our soon-to-be usage of ECMA Script 6) and uses libuv for cross-platform I/O via it’s own bindings library. Table of Contents Configuring a Node.js Project Creating a Bare-Bones Electron Application Routing with Express […]

Prettify Git Log Output

Git’s a pretty powerful distributed revision control system for non-linear workflows. One thing that can be annoying is how much vertical screen real estate is wasted by the – commonly used – git log command. Here’s how to alias a long git log command into a shorthand command of your choosing, to make viewing your commit history […]

Binding Scripts & Stylesheets To States With AngularJS (UIRouter)

AngularJS combined with UIRouter is a powerful and fast client-side combination for routing and rendering nested views. There’s one thing that needs some special attention though. Angular expects us to include the same, or all of our scripts and styles in the parent-most view. What if we want sylesheets or scripts coupled with specific states? Here’s a […]

Generic Routing with Laravel 5

Sometimes we need a generic solution to serving clients models with an API. Today I’ll show how this can be done using the PHP framework, Laravel 5. I refer to models as entities hereafter, because this application will later be persisting these to Google’s Datastore. Let’s begin by creating a route group for the API […]